Wood pellets

We sell pure wood pellets with a large spruce content!

Large amounts of planer shavings and sawdust are produced during the production process in our five planing mills. This dry raw material passes through a closed system directly into the production hall for pellets and bales of planer shavings.
In this production plant we sift out the fine fraction from the planer shavings, which are then packed for animal bedding, while the fine fraction, with some mixture of planer shavings, becomes wood pellets.
We supply pellets in both large 600 kg sacks and 16 kg sacks packed on pallets. Energy value about 4.9 kW/kg

Current prices (incl. VAT):
Large sack: SEK 2280/tonne
Small sack: SEK 2500/tonne
Pallet price, small sacks at 16 kg: SEK 2080/pallet



Pellet sack about 16 kg
52 sacks/pallet
Pallet sack about 600 kg

Prices apply to collection or free delivery in Piteå municipality with a minimum order of 3 tonnes.
For deliveries to other locations, call for prices.

For inquires or pellet orders, please contact:

Deliveries from Sikfors:

Maria Hortlund Roger Bergman Krister Backman
Tel. +46 (0)911-25 10 00 Tel. +46 (0)911-25 10 00 Tel. +46 (0)911-25 10 00
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Fax: +46 (0)911-25 10 99
Deliveries from Luleå:
Conny Ek Göran Ejnestrand Kari Kangas
Tel. +46 (0)920-27 20 63 Tel. +46 (0)920-27 20 00 Tel. +46 (0)920 27 20 00
Conny's email address Göran's email address Kari's email address
Fax +46 (0)920-27 20 99