Our production lines

Highly processed wood products are produced in our order-driven production to Europe's most demanding customers.
Half are processed into planed products and half are processed to customized qualities, sizes and lengths.
Delivery reliability is guaranteed through producing and delivering on every working day of the year.

Here we present our production lines with text and film.

Our facilities

Flygbild _Sikfors 0276


2 fully automatic saw lines
- one flexible band/circular saw line
- a cost-effective small-dimension saw timber line
24 compartment drying kilns
2 progressive tunnel kilns
3 planing lines
2 bandsaw lines
1 package saw
1 blank saw line with short bit finger jointing line
1 pellet machine
1 special line for the production of dust-free bales of planer shavings



Planing lines
Trimming saw
3 compartment drying kilns
2 progressive tunnel kilns and retail sales, XL Bygg Stenvalls.

Flygbild Lövholmen _M1A8204_2


Saw building prepared for high-production saw line
28 compartment drying kilns
6 progressive tunnel kilns
2 Trimming saws

All facilities have sprinklers installed for increased safety