Stenvalls Trä steps on the gas

Another side of the coin. Stenvalls Trä in Sikfors increases production in the sawmill and multiplies pellet production.


In March, the company will switch to three shifts and introduce weekend work at Sikfors. One step on the way. The annual volume has now reached 170,000 cubic metres of finished timber. From wood season 2011/2012, which starts around August, the aim is 200,000 cubic metres. From wood season 2012/2013 it's 220,000 cubic metres.

"That's the idea, but it depends of course on the market", says CEO Folke Stenvall.

The company has a pellet plant at the sawmill site. In a few weeks time in will be put into operation and give an annual production of 30,000 tonnes per year, compared to previous 10,000 tonnes. The market is there. The company has invested in order to produce wood pellets from raw sawdust, which has been dried. What remains is the method to produce wood pellets from planer shavings and dry chips.


"Nothing alarming"

The increase will have no real effect on the number of employees. The increase in production of sawn goods is due to Stenvalls' acquisition of the Lövholmen plant in Piteå. No cutting will be done here, but for some time now the previous owner's trimmer saw and driers have been used. The boiler is running.

The company has ten employees at Lövholmen, 15 in the timber plant in Luleå and 100 in Sikfors. There are also the DIY stores.

All in all Folke Stenvall is not downbeat about the sawmill company.

"We process up to 70 per cent, and are in the black. Without processing, we could not make ends meet. The current value of the Swedish Krona has a negative impact of around ten per cent compared to before. The price of raw materials must come down. This year will be worse than a normal year, yet it's nothing alarming. The economic situation in general is on the rise. Sweden is going well, Germany has turned the corner and in the UK an economic recover seems likely.