Stenvalls Trä acquires Lövholmen


The news that Stenvalls Wood has purchased the industrial site at Lövholmen from Sveaskog seems like very good news for Piteå. Stenvalls is a well-run company with vast experience in profitable processing. This investment represents an increase in sawing in Sikfors and processing in Piteå. It will be exciting to see how Lövholmen develops in the hands of these successful entrepreneurs!

At the same time we are pleased to see that Sveaskog intends to fulfil its promised investment in bioenergy, despite the sale of Lövholmen. This is an interesting development project and Sveaskog is already an important partner in the development of Piteå as a centre for biorefinery technology.

Consequently, Stenvalls acquisition of Lövholmen could mean "double gold" for Piteå.Partly an increase in processing and cutting as well as further investment in the bioenergy field through e.g. torrefied pellets from wood fuel.

Source: Piteå Näringsliv