New sawmill plans launched

A barge is on its way fully loaded - with large parts of the old Lövholmen sawmill. Stenvalls Trä AB has bought back a great deal of equipment that Setra shipped out in 2009. A new sawmill will now be built at Lövholmen. 25 new jobs will be created.

Many educated persons are scratching their heads in surprise and find it difficult to put the puzzle together.

What Setra closed down three years ago, dismantled and shipped south - is now virtually all back in Piteå.

The equipment has once again been shipped back by barge to the new operator at the Lövholm site, Stenvalls Trä AB, who saw the possibilities and decided to bring the activities Setra stopped back to life.

"It feels good", summarises production manager", Sven Stenvall.

Disappeared south
Maybe you remember the background?

In June 2009, the death sentence was passed on the 138-year-old sawmill era at Lövholmen.

Setra's decision was controversial and contested. But the company pushed through its decision. Much of the machine park was dismantled, loaded onto barges and disappeared, the majority to the Kastet sawmill outside of Gävle, which is a part of the Setra family.

There a lot of the equipment was packed into a huge storage space and just stood and gathered dust.

Completely new sawmill
But, as I mentioned before, a large part of the material has returned to Piteå, by sea, on a barge from Gävle.

Later in the summer work starts to bolt everything back together again. The complete raw sorting will be rebuilt in the same place as it disappeared from three years ago.

Timber handling and the bark machine - and now we are speaking about very large equipment - have also been transported back on the barge. These plants will be also rebuilt.

Stenvalls Trä AB will also invest in a brand new modern sawmill at Lövholmen, a new saw line for small timber.

"This is being done as a complement to our saw line in Sikfors not to compete with it", emphasises Sven Stenvall.

Arriving in pieces
The new saw is being manufactured in Finland and will arrive in pieces next January. At this point, all "barge freight" must be in place.

"In the spring of 2013, we expect production to be running at full speed", says Stenvall.

The planned raw material requirement is set to 400,000 cubic per year. As a comparison, Sikfors handles 450,000 cubic raw material per year.

SEK 150 million
In total Stenvalls Trä AB has invested SEK 150 million to develop the saw industry at Lövholmen.

Earlier, or already in September 2010, some equipment was purchased from Setra that had been left at the industrial site.

This included two trimming saws, a boiler, large drying facilities, the remaining office buildings and some very large wood stores.

The purchase also included 45 hectares of land.

"We have used the equipment to dry, adjust, package and store already sawn timber products from Sikfors," says Sven Stenvall.

A total of twelve people have run operations at Lövholmen. In the future, another 25 or so will be employed.

40 or more jobs
All-in-all around 40 jobs will be created.

The main reason behind Setra's decision to close the plant three years ago was a "shortage of raw materials". This is not a risk factor that worries Stenvalls Trä.

"No, the forest is growing well. We will have enough raw materials for Lövholmen and Sikfors. We are optimistic about all of our plans", says production manager Sven Stenvall.

Source: Piteå-Tidningen