New life in Lövholmen

New life is now being blown into Lövholmen’s sawmill in Piteå. This since Stenvalls Trä has reached an agreement with Sveaskog to buy the industrial site and plant.

"Lövholmen is a fine industrial area that fits well into our development plans. We see good opportunities to expand operations at Lövholmen", says company CEO Folke Stenvall.
More employees
Since last spring Stenvalls Trä has leased parts of the Lövholmen industrial site for adjustment of the timber sawn at the company's plant in Sikfors. We will also start to use the Lövholmen boiler and drying.
"We will invest in the plant and expect to expand operations at Lövholmen in the next year from one to two shifts. This means a doubling of the number of employees from six to twelve people", says Folke Stenvall
The investment at Lövholmen means Stenvalls Trä will be able to increase the cutting volume at Sikfors.

Source: NSD